I’m a fan of Park Chan-wook work, I think his vengeance trilogy of “Sympathy for Mr Vengeance”, “Old Boy” & “Lady Vengeance” are fantastic films, I appreciate they’re not to everbody’s taste, they are very dark in nature, but they certainly make you sit up and think.

Now he’s done something rather different, well for a professional and highly respected movie director that is. He’s shot his latest film, entitled “Paranmanjang” (Night Fishing), on several iPhones with special lenses attached (something I’ve discussed before here, here and here).

Of course he’s not the first to make a film using an iPhone (apparently this is the first music video filmed using an iPhone 4), but it looks like he’s the first professional Director create and release a film to the general public, the movie will screen in South Korea this weekend.

Shot on a budget of only £85k, the film is 30mins long and tells the story of a man that hooks a mysterious dead woman on his line while night fishing, but if that’s not strange enough, things take another twist as she wakes up and attacks him!

I can’t help but be reminded of David Lynch’s YouTube video, where he complains that people watching movies on an mobile phone are missing the point, he must be kicking himself now, as he never thought about doing it the other way around.


David Lynch

In an update to the post I made a couple of weeks ago about attaching 35mm lenses to the iPhone 4, the guys at Vid Atlantic have adapted their EnCinema 35mm Adapter to fit to Owle Bubo

Video shot with a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 DSLR lens on the EnCinema 35mm Adapter attached to the OWLE Bubo

Keeping with the iPhone theme, I noticed on a friend’s Facebook page this morning a ridiculous looking iPhone lens modification (which unfortunately wouldn’t really work that well with a 35mm lens, due to the tiny size of the sensor in the iPhone, unless you wanted a super zoom lens that is)… although this looks weird too

Anyway it jogged my memory of the Owle Bubo I’d seen a few months ago, which in essence is a camera mount for the iPhone 3G / 3Gs (iPhone 4 adapter in the works). below are a couple of good reviews by Taz Goldstein from Handheld Hollywood, and another by Blunty 3000 (scroll to 4:30 of Blunty’s review to see how customisable/crazy the Owle can be!)

NB: as it has 4 standard tripod connections, you could even use it with a Hoodman WristShot or a FigRig by Mike Figgis, or the Steady Wonder (all of which can be used with DSLR’s or camcorders)… if the Owle interests you, then it might also be worth checking out the Tiffen Steadicam

This is pretty amazing when you think it was shot entirely on an iPhone!?!?!

An extract from Marty Martin’s Vimeo page

“In an effort to release the first iPhone 4 music video, my good friend and musician Steve Failows [AKA flakjakt] and I collaborated over a period of less than a week to create the first iPhone 4 music video.

In 2 days (and up until an hour before the shoot), Steve wrote a new track specifically for this video and we loosely conceptualized for those 2 days in an effort to be first out of the gates with an iPhone 4 music vid. Our main goal, however, was simply to make a good music video, no matter what the camera.”