Post It Notes Animation

August 8, 2011

Looks like Aardman may already have a competitor on their hands for the largest stop motion animation!

350,000 post it notes were used in the making of this animation, which took 5months to complete! That’s a lot of paper!

source Adweek


August 4, 2011

Having created the worlds smallest stop motion animation entitled Dot, Nokia set Sumo Science of Aardman the task of creating the worlds largest stop motion animation, the result is entitled “Gulp”

the making of Gulp

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Is 2011 The New 1984?

February 7, 2011

It was broadcast just once during the 1984 Super Bowl, but that’s all it needed, as when Ridley Scott directed Apple’s iconic and multi-award winning 1984 advert, he created an advert that captured the very essence of what Apple was at that time. The underdog, fighting against the tyranny of the corporate machine, hoping to bring choice to the consumer. Jump forward 27yrs, the tables have turned, Apple have without doubt become their nemesis of years gone by (they are now the world’s 2nd largest company in value terms!)

I’ve been an Apple user for 25yrs (since 1986), I’ve bought more Macs than I care to remember (probably more than a 100 if I include my businesses and employees), yes I’ve got several iPods laying around the house on shelves and in drawers, Time Capsules, an Air Express connected to my music centre, a Mac Mini under my TV (no Apple TV), a couple of iPhones and of course an iPad… so yes I’ve bought heavily into the Apple eco-system over the years. I’m not one of those Mac is better than PC bores, each to their own is what I say, I’ve made my choice… the better informed one of course.

Although they’re not the first to do so, even Apple did it themselves by adding an iPod to the woman to launch the iPod, plus see DoubleTwist’s Choice video below… but Motorola’s Xoom advert that aired during yesterdays’ Super Bowl and parodies Apple’s 1984 advert, by turning it on Apple becoming the very thing they poked fun at originally, is very clever, or is it? As a longstanding Apple user, yes I understand the sad truth that Apple has changed, and not for the better… plus I’ve seen the original advert, but most of the white ear bud wearing iDrones won’t have, these guys are blindly buying into the iOS platform (you only have to see the last video below for a parody of that), these guys will likely miss the subtlety of the advert, or worse still, they may take offence at being portrayed as iDrones?

Either way, it made me smile when I saw the advert, but it won’t make me run out to buy a Xoom

Original Apple Advert

Motorola Xoom

iPod Version

DoubleTwist Parody announcing Choice

iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo AKA I would like an iPhone 4

The Verizon Waltz

January 24, 2011

It wasn’t long ago that Verizon were parodying Apple’s “There’s an App for That” adverts, in order to gain subscribers from AT&T to their own network, but it appears the two network giants have made up and become friends in their latest joint advert! Or maybe they’re both worried about the latest T-Mobile advert, which highlights how both of their networks are somewhat lacklustre in comparison!

Here’s a terrific idea by Volkwagen’s to market their Polo

“Our task was to tell people that the new Polo is produced out of 95% recyclable materials. People in Germany are used to recycled glass, paper and plates. So we just had to expand this matter of course for the new Polo.”

Source Design Made in Germany

Tiny Ant People Build City

October 20, 2010

Jay’s done it again, he just sent me another amazing looking video. The way this has been achieved is by using high vantage points with a shif-tilt lens, which gives the impression of the whole thing being a model with the people ant sized… but it’s all life size!

more info at Coachella

here’s some other examples

Clowning Around

August 23, 2010

Although this has been on Youtube for over a year, I only stumbled across it this weekend, it’s incredible!!!

Interview with Director

Making of