You know me and data visualisation, but here’s something cool, it’s a website that creates an infographic of your Linked in profile, it’s an invite only Beta at the moment, but it looks promising.

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June 13, 2011

If you’re looking for a way to visualise migration patterns, look no further, this interactive site (all in HTML5) is incredible!

The layout and use is simplicity itself

people movin

I avoid the Mac vs PC debates, each have their merits, each their downfalls, but this is an interesting infographic, as it’s about the differences between the Users not the Operating Systems… do you recognise yourself below… or worse still, like myself, do you recognise yourself here!

Hunch blog

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As I seem to be on a bit of a roll with data visualisations and infographics lately, I thought I’d share this very informative link I just stumbled across 10 tips for Designing Infographics

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Digital Surgeons

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Path to Protest Timeline

March 28, 2011

Here’s a nicely crafted timeline of the uprisings in North Africa & the Middle East, one of the simplest yet clearest timelines I’ve seen… although, personally I think the scroll bar at the top should be more prominent, and the small side navigation is pointless, but the results are cear and easy to follow.

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A Walk on the Wild Side

March 24, 2011

Seth Godin posted an interesting graphic yesterday that caught my eye, a perfect example of data mining (sorry couldn’t resist that one)

Original Source and Seth’s Post

It’s not that surprising when you think about it, but let’s look at another example, Death Rate by Mode of Transport in the UK… (NB: Flying doesn’t appear, as it’s so low, less than 0.02%). Motorcycles are the unsurprising leader, although the gap between Cars and Motorcycles is frightening! We’re constantly reminded to wear cycle helmets when we’re riding, yet you’re more likely to get killed when walking than when riding a bike! It would be interesting to add Skiing & Snowboarding to this list, but I’ve not been able to find any data on that yet, but I’m looking, if you find anything, let me know. In the meantime, my advice, no more texting or using your mobile while walking, it’s dangerous out there!

Motorcycle: 88.8 / Walking: 30.9 / Bicycle: 24.2 / Car: 1.9 / Van: 0.5 / Bus or coach: 0.1 / Rail: 0.3 / Water: 0.9

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You know me, a sucker for an infographic! So I thought I’d post this Linkedin infographic marking them hitting 100 million users (NB: Facebook will likely announced they’ve hit 1bn very soon!)

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Radiation Dose Chart

March 22, 2011

Just saw this infographic on the XKCD blog about radiation dosage, it’s fascinating… plus I never knew that about Banana phones, think I’ll stick with my iPhone for now!

More info here at XKCD

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This is such a wonderful infographic

Michell Zappa

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