You sure you can’t find something more interesting to read on the whole of the web than my About Page? Well in that case I hope I can do your time investment justice.

For a start, this is my personal blog, it’s a place for me to brain dump ideas & thoughts that have been banging around in my head, or snippets of stuff I find in my daily travels around the web. If you find anything of interest great, if not, I apologise for wasting your time. Of course feel free to leave comments or make suggestions, I’m always happy to connect.

I’m the founder of, a business with a vision to dramatically reduce paper wastage specifically in the live events industry & corporate environment, by enriching users experiences with digital technologies & communications. We’re currently in beta, but a public release is due in 2011.

Below is some text from my Linked-in profile:
Two decades in the Digital Media industry, with experience of onscreen graphic creation for motion pictures (inc Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Da Vinci Code, United 93 to name a few), B2B & B2C websites, GUI design and corporate identity. Specializing in User Experience, Information Architecture, Online Branding, Brand Alignment & Digital Brand Protection.

I have founded & built several companies, the first named icon-x in Singapore in 95… I co-founded vision360 in the UK, which we sold to the Swedish based Cordovan Group in 2007 for £1m, it became the groups UK Division. I stepped down as a Director of Cordovan in March 2009.

Founding & Building Companies, Interdisciplinarity, Future & Trend Watching, Web 2.0, Branding & Identity, Digital Brand Protection, Interface Design, User Experience, Information Architecture, Digital Media, Corporate & Live Events, Corporate Blogs, Mobile Applications, Social Media.

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