Just Say Yes

August 24, 2009

I like to think of myself as an opportunist, I’ve always taken risks with my career or livelihood, although I’m the opposite in my personal life, where I’ve usually played it safe.

This is partly due to my personality type, INTJ’s know what they’re good at, but thankfully we’re astute at knowing what we’re no good at!

I’m always trying to encourage those I see potential in to give it a go, to have confidence in themselves, to say yes why not, rather than maybe or no. I believe it’s better to say yes first, then say no later if it hasn’t worked out as planned.

But I need to start taking my own advice in my personal life! I’ve had the most amazing opportunity walk into my life recently, and I realise I need to take full advantage of it. I have to stop playing it safe all the time and start taking those risks that I have no problem taking in business.

I have to start saying yes!

One Response to “Just Say Yes”

  1. […] regrets into your life is to take a leap of faith from time to time. I promised I was going to say “Yes” from now on once before… but I’ve become a hypocrite, as lately I’ve ignored my own […]

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