An (i)nspired Idea

October 29, 2008

In my very first blog entry I asked the question where do you get your inspiration?, then a similar question in Naked Inspiration, but now there’s an inspired idea, that gives an easy way for you to show your thought processes and give thanks to those that have inspired you along the way.

When writing a blog you can easily add a hyper link to your post, but how about a simple way to differentiate between a “forward” link to more info or further reading etc and a “backward” link to those that inspired your post.

Well now you can, devised by Bernd CoCreatr (AKA Purple Pointr), the concept is simple (as are most great ideas), to add a backward inspiration link you add an (i)
(c) = copyright, (cc) = creative commons, (i) = inspired by

For more info in Bernd’s own words click the (i)

As an example:
This blog post inspired (i) by Bernd Cocreatr

Plus there is a graphic that can be used instead of the (i)



3 Responses to “An (i)nspired Idea”

  1. CoCreatr Says:

    Thanks for the warning, Brendan. “Reading this blog could seriously damage your opinion of me” is true for my own blog, too. Only today did I find your trackback got hung up in a spam filter I did not even know was there. So thank you for noticing and mentioning. I am (i) inspired by your take o this sign. Recently found mention on twitter.

  2. Adam Says:

    I will be using this, and sort of requesting it use!

  3. […] (Dirty Laundry, The 3 T’s Rule) plus of course there’s Bernd’s Inspired by icon An Inspired Idea … but I must admit that in this instant I failed myself, as I forgot to mention my source! […]

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