Be Unforgettable

September 10, 2008

When you devise your company name or create it’s brand & identity, create a marketing/ advertising/ viral campaign, put on a live event or show, interact with a client or customer, you have a choice…

you can be memorable, you can be remarkable, you can even be phenomenal, but best of all, be unforgettable… I know which one I’ll being aiming for, I bet you don’t forget that : )


2 Responses to “Be Unforgettable”

  1. […] November 5, 2009 No matter what you’re trying to market or sell, people buy into stories. If you want your idea to spread make it easy for others to spread it, a story or something they can be passionate about is the best way… so make it memorable, better yet, make it unforgettable. […]

  2. […] concept is certainly remarkable, if not unforgettable, but whether those experiencing this viral campaign remember the company name as well or just the […]

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